After spending 12 years as a college coach in three different conferences for both men's and women's teams, I am uniquely qualified to give you the best, most up to date, relevant information for all your college tennis scholarship needs. Most recruiting services are run by former student-athletes, not former college coaches. They vastly overcharge you for their services, much of which you could accomplish on your own, with the proper guidance. I highly recommend you purchase my College Scholarship Guidebook before you do anything else. If you do need further help, then please take advantage of my NCAA college consulting service.

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Why should I buy this guide?

Understand that this guide costs a fraction of what recruiting services will charge you for their services ($1000-$3,000)

Save yourself dozens of hours of research and guesswork, avoiding a lot of mistakes and headaches in the process

Get the information that truly matters from an inside source. Don’t waste your time with professionals who are guessing at what college coaches are looking for; go straight to the source and get the information that will keep you on the right path throughout the process.

What is included in the guide?

  • A brief outline of what level you qualify to play
  • What questions to ask yourself before starting the process
  • The Academic & Eligibility requirements to play NCAA tennis
  • How to find coaches, write the perfect introductory letter and a eye catching video clip
  • Getting inside the mind of a college coach
  • Official Visit Etiquette
  • Making a Final Decision
  • Rules, terms, definitions and much, much more….

Don’t waste any more time guessing, researching out of date information online or paying for over-priced services. Get your copy now!

COST: €39.99


This service is specifically designed for parents and players who wish to secure a tennis scholarship at an NCAA, NAIA, or NJCAA institution in the United States. I will take you through the process STEP by STEP.  I will help you identify universities and tennis programs that best fit your education and skill level. I will personally contact coaches with your relevant details and act as an agent from start to finish. My expertise and insider knowledge of the college tennis recruiting process comes from over 12 years of intercollegiate tennis coaching experience in three different NCAA conferences. I am uniquely qualified to help you find a scholarship tailored to your needs. 

FEE: €900.00


It has been my experience that players are coming to college less and less prepared both mentally and physically for the rigors of becoming a student-athlete. There will always be a transition phase from high school to college but it does not have to be as long or arduous as many young players are currently making it. This guide will help you with your preparation for college tennis not only before but also during your college tennis years. Get a head start on everyone else and be ready to take full advantage of some of the best years of your life.

Some of the things covered in this guide include the following:

  • How to set appropriate goals before and during college
  • How to manage your time
  • How to handle the pressure of playing for a college team
  • Becoming the Ultimate Team Member
  • Understanding College Doubles
  • The Role of Parents
  • A Sample 9-week college tennis Strength Workout

Follow this guide and you will absolutely DOMINATE college tennis…. 

COST: €9.99


There tends to be a lot of misinformation and misrepresentations as to what road to take to a tennis scholarship or advanced tennis development. If you are looking for some independent advice regarding tennis parenting, tournament scheduling, academies vs. local club, home schooling vs. traditional schooling, coaching, training practices, tennis psychology, general college scholarship advice and any other aspects of the game that you feel like you are currently confused about or lacking, then you may find this service extremely beneficial

FEE: €80.00 per hour